WayV Share Wild TMIs About Themselves That Are Truly “Too Much Information”

YangYang always spills the tea.

WayV are known for being some of the most open idols out there, specifically when telling fans information that falls under the TMI category.

Several members have shared things about their rooms having weird smells and their bowel movements, much to the amusement of fans.  In particular, YangYang seems to love sharing details about everything with fans.

Because of this, it should be no surprise that WayV took TMI to the next level during their appearance on Weekly Idol. First off, during the episode, Ten revealed that he takes while shower.

While this isn’t exactly a TMI, YangYang took up upon himself to spill more about this TMI.

YangYang explains that Ten always takes a shower right before they have to leave and will often invite him into the bathroom to do whatever he needs. Ten replies that they are “like brothers” so it shouldn’t matter anyways.

Xiaojun’s TMI was hilarious as he claimed he hates TMIs and has no funny stories.

YangYang’s TMI is also on the more interesting side. According to him, he often wears underwear of bright and extreme colors, like hot pink and cheetah print, which the members confirm.

When YangYang tries to explain why he has the pairs, Ten interrupts and says he always responds by saying, “I’m sexy.

While this was the end of the TMIs during the show, the official Weekly idol account shared each member’s full self-profiles and revealed even more TMIs and unrevealed member moments.

While Kun‘s TMI was pretty normal, he revealed that while drinking with the members, he threw up.

I threw up while drinking with the members one day and cleaned up after myself.

— Kun

Ten’s unrevealed member episode involved him and Kun placing a pain relief patch somewhere too low.

My butt hurt while preparing for the “Birthday” performance, so I asked Kun to help me put on a pain relief patch, but he positioned it too low and it was so hot durign the middle of the night that I woke up in pain.

— Ten

Hendery shared that he has a foolproof way of being able to play games instead of hanging out with the other members.

The members want to have dinner together several times, but I pretend to be asleep as I want to play games.

— Hendery

WayV are truly some of the funniest idols out there!