WayV Caught Lucas And Ten Mistaking Them For SuperM, And Their Reactions Were Priceless

The look of betrayal on Xiaojun’s face says it all 😂

When WayV‘s Ten and Lucas were juggling schedules between the group and SuperM, they caused a mixup between the two that caused hilarious reactions from the members. It was so amusing even fans couldn’t help but laugh.

| 一直娱/Weibo

During one of WayV’s live broadcasts, the group prepared to do their team greeting as usual. They moved their fingers to form a W and then V. “Hello, we’re WayV!

That’s when Lucas realized he’d made a mistake. He made SuperM’s hand gesture of an M instead and looked at his members in surprise. He wasn’t alone, either. In the back, Ten was even more confused. His fingers couldn’t even decide what gesture to make.

Since Lucas drew attention to his mistake, they all looked at him with the funniest expressions. Xiaojun‘s was the funniest of all. His hilarious look of betrayal had fans cracking up, especially when he’d asked, “Why?

While Ten was still having an identity crisis in the back with his fluffy cat, Xiaojun made them laugh with his next comment. “He likes SuperM more than WayV!

Because they were getting off track right at the start of the live broadcast, Yangyang reined them in by fittingly using their song name. “Turn back time! Turn back time!

After doing the greeting once more without any mistakes, Kun reassured everyone that it was all because Lucas had been working hard. “He’s been busy, so he was confused momentarily.

Between promotions for NCT, WayV, and SuperM, Ten and Lucas have their hands full. Without their hard work, everyone wouldn’t see endearing moments like this that remind everyone they’re only human.

Source: Naver Live