WayV’s Ten Delivers A Heartfelt Message To LGBT+ Fans

To drown out the negativity, here’s the encouraging words he wants them to hear.

When it comes to LGBT+ fans, members of NCT have proven how supportive they are. When one NCTzen confessed they had a crush on their friend, Doyoung was quick to shut down that the relationship had to be between a guy and girl—even if it made their manager uncomfortable.

In a fan’s recent video call with WayV‘s Ten, he was the next member to show support for the community that encompasses such a wide range of identities.

The fan asked Ten if he had a message specifically for the group’s LGBT+ fans. Though slightly surprised, he was more than ready to deliver what he’d seemingly been wanting to say for a while. He first reassured fans they didn’t have to be anyone other than who they are, “I want you to be yourself.”

In his eyes, it didn’t matter when it came to the feeling of love. Everyone is the same in the only way that matters. Moving his hands to emphasize his point, Ten explained, “Love…we are the same. We’re all humans. We’re the same.”

Since being different from the majority can cause someone to want to change to fit in, he didn’t want fans to feel that way. As long as they learned to love who they are, that was enough. “So, love yourself, and don’t try to change yourself. Just be you. And, that’s enough.”

Disregarding what anyone else thought, it was important for LGBT+ fans to freely identify as they wished and focus on what truly makes them happy. “If you’re happy with yourself, that’s everything. If you’re happy with yourself, that’s enough.”

Like the loving and accepting guy Ten is, he just wants LGBT+ fans to love themselves for who they are and be happy. He’d also wish the same positivity for all fans.

Watch Ten deliver an encouraging message to LGBT+ fans that’ll not only inspire you but make you fall for him even more.