WayV’s Ten Drew A Tattoo For A Fan And Reacts To Seeing The Completed Ink

Would you get some permanent ink from your idol?

WayV‘s Ten is known for his artistic side and often posts many of his personal drawings on his Instagram. Due to his well-known skills, the singer commonly is asked by fans who attend his fan meetings, to draw a tattoo for them. While sometimes these are drawn swiftly on the album page itself, occasionally he is known to post more detailed requests on his Instagram.

Ten drawing stage tattoos on fellow WayV member, Hendery.

A lucky fan that goes by restguru on Weibo had won a video call with Ten from a lucky draw event. The fan had previously gotten Ten to draw her a simple tattoo and as luck would have it, she got to show him the completed piece on her inner wrist.


According to her fan account in Mandarin, when she showed him the tattoo, he happily exclaimed in English, “You really did it!” and asked her if she liked it. She said that all her friends thought it was really artistic and she made sure to thank him for the piece as well. She also proceeded to ask him if his own tattoo hurt, and he said at first he didn’t know, but as it started, he realised how painful it was!

Ending off the topic of tattoos, the lucky fan told him that she never expected him to get such a large tattoo, and Ten replied that he didn’t think he would either.

K-pop fans have been known to ask their idols to draw or write them tattoos which they would then get on their body. As a tattoo is fairly permanent, we would advise all fans to think twice before taking the plunge!