WayV Ten’s Favorite Nickname Made Kun Question Everything

The explanation didn’t make it any clearer for Kun 😂

Between the nicknames the WayV members give each other and those from fans, they have plenty to choose from for a favorite. So when Ten chose a particular one, Kun was hilariously confused about the unexpected choice.

Ten | @WayV_official/Twitter

While playing a round of Question Parade with hello82, Ten was asked about his favorite nickname. Though the members offered some cute ones, Ten had a different one in mind.

Rather than a nickname, Ten currently liked the sound of his Korean name most: Lee Young Heum.

He thought it was cute how approachable the name appeared. Ten explained, “I don’t know. It sounds like the name of some friendly guy in the neighborhood.” There was one person who didn’t quite understand.

Ten’s satisfied smile combined with Kun’s look of confusion turned the moment into a funny one.

Like Ten proved, sometimes the simplest things spark the most joy. See Kun’s funny reaction to Ten’s most beloved nickname.


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