Mentor WayV’s Ten Stuns “Great Dance Crew” Contestants With His Dance Technique

The dance contestants weren’t ready to see his skills.

Gathering professionals and street dancers to form a talented dance crew, the Chinese show Great Dance Crew kicked off with WayV‘s Ten as one of the leaders or mentors. Ten left the contestants amazed with his dance skills when giving feedback right from the start.


After seeing a dance performance from two contestants, Ten noted how disjointed they were. He said, “The beat for this dance, aren’t you two…should I say, a little out of sync?

Ready to help them grow as dancers, Ten gave them advice on how to make it work. He cutely explained, “You need to sort that out better. Decide where to use more strength and where to loosen up a bit.” The host, Taiwanese actor and singer Alec Su, suggested Ten give a demonstration.

Although Ten had been surprised by the request, he didn’t hesitate to help the dancers.  He began by moving slowly, then suddenly showed the perfect transition to a powerful and sharp dance move. That simple display of his dance skill drove the contestants wild.

While watching Ten demonstrate the smooth dance technique, the contestants couldn’t stop their jaws from dropping to the floor.

They were so impressed by Ten’s dance skills that one claimed it felt like being in “a master’s class” while another commented on how “effortless” Ten made the difficult move look.

Since Ten debuted over five years ago and has been dancing for longer, he’s indeed an experienced dancer. Check out the dance technique that left them impressed.