10 Moments From WayV’s Ten That Will Make You Fall In Love With Him

Ten is just… 10/10.

WayV‘s all-rounder, Ten, may have you laughing until your sides split because of his hilarious jokes, but he also is known for his extreme talent in dance and performance, multilingualism, and for the sweetest personality ever. Fans often treasure him for the way he respects and inspires them – here are 10 moments we can take a leaf out of his book.

1. When he advised a fan to be themselves.

During a special video released on their official YouTube channel, WayV tried to help fans solve their worries. Ten gave a fan that was overly concerned with how others viewed her, a word that was definitely encouraging. As other members had already given sound advice that was detailed, Ten went the cheerleader route and shouted, “be you, be unique, be crazy, you’re beautiful”.

2. When he told a fan not to be afraid of making mistakes.

Another piece of sound advice Ten dished out was telling a fan that was worried about her new job at a big company, to be unafraid of making mistakes as mistakes helps one to grow. As someone that has gone through a long period including training, debut and promotions, Ten’s words definitely carries weight.

3. When he is so unapologetically himself, even on broadcast.

You’re probably not a fan if you don’t know about this iconic moment, so we’ll clue you in. As Ten and Taeyong were eating a cake on a live stream, Ten said that he enjoys food that are soft and sticky, like their song, “Baby Don’t Stop“. We swear these aren’t fake subs.

What was more hilarious was his expression immediately after the statement.  

4. When he braved his fears for the sake of professionalism.

It is a well-known fact that Ten is afraid of fruits, as he constantly reiterates it whenever he sees them.

However, when he had to take some photographs at a fruit stand, he immediately braved up and professionally posed for the camera! Talk about a great work ethic!  

5. When he constantly exposes his members.

Not only was he not hesitant at all about exposing WayV for their dorm habits, he also exposed his teammate in SuperM, Mark, for being ahem, only human.

During their stay in Los Angeles, Ten was rooming with Mark. He decided to wait outside while Mark took a toilet break.  

 When he came back, he couldn’t help himself from giggling at the result.

6. When he spoke to a goat and it listened to him.

On an episode of “Dream Plan” where the WayV boys were trying to feed a goat, he tried to coax the animal into eating, by saying, “hey baby. Eat baby eat.” When the goat did indeed take a bite of the plant, he was surprised and exclaimed that it understands English!

7. When he dressed up as Mona Lisa for Halloween and it hit 12.1 million views.

The look was iconic enough, but made even more so by the hiphop dance he managed to pull off while wearing the long garb. Watch how he maneuvers the dress and wig!

8. When he turned his scar into a piece of art.

It is well-known amongst Weishennies that Ten had a crescent-shaped scar on his chest, although it has yet to be revealed where he got it from. As it was revealed that he got tattoos quite recently, it became a hot topic as fans realized it was a cover-up tattoo that melded perfectly with the scar!

Photo provided by Yongqinstar on Twitter.

The tattoo was revealed in its full glory through their latest music video for “Turn Back Time“. He certainly manages to turn everything in his life into art.

9. When he broke social gender construct.

Ten’s open-minded nature and liberal attitude makes for one of the reasons why fans love him so much. During a fansign, a fan asked if he would be different if he were to be born a girl, and here was his answer!

10. New Heroes. Periodt.

The talented singer released a solo song in 2018, the second since “Dream in a Dream“, called “New Heroes“. It has become one of his much loved songs since, given the strong performance value and the moving lyrics. The MV itself is a dream, given the strong visuals and fluid dance moves. You can watch it here!




Ten will continue his promotions with WayV for “Turn Back Time”, the latest release by the band that dropped on the 10th of June, with the Korean version of the song being released a week later on the 17th. Check out their comeback here!

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