WayV’s Ten Loves Lurking On Fans’ Comments, Here’s Why

He might be reading what you’re writing right now 🧐

From exposing their own secret Twitter fan accounts to sharing fan memes, WayV keeps proving they’re keeping track of the things that WayZenNis say. During an interview with British magazine NME, Ten shared why reading fans’ comments were so worthwhile.

Ten | @tenlee_1001/Instagram

Having nothing to hide, Ten admitted, “I think it’s fun to read the comments section.” Part of the reason why he found it so enjoyable was the fan theories.

| @WayV_official/Twitter

He explained, “Everyone is sharing their own thoughts about the story and how the concept is going, and it’s just fun for me to read what they think about it.” There was more than meets the eye, though.

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Diving deeper, Ten added why it’s necessary, “I think we need to read it because it’s part of learning too.

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Since everyone has different tastes, Ten pointed out how fans’ expectations may differ from the group’s. Checking out what fans are saying helps fill in the blanks on how their music and concepts are received.

Like, what people want might be different to our own thoughts on music and stuff. Like, ‘Oh, I think this is good,’ but everyone else might think that it’s okay. People have a different perspective.

— Ten

| @tenlee_1001/Instagram

If WayV or NCT tries out a new sound or concept that seems super familiar to fans, they may have Ten to thank for it.

Source: NME