WayV’s Xiaojun Is The Best Dog Dad To Bella

It’s cute how dedicated he is to her!

Bella is WayV‘s little princess with not one, not two, but seven dog dads. While some members aren’t super involved with Bella, others clearly play a pampering role to the pup.

| @djxiao_888/Instagram

This time it’s Xiaojun who is pampering Bella, going on Weibo to show fans how he is cutting her nails. Bella is surprisingly quite complacent, simply relaxing in Xiaojun’s lap for a few minutes straight and just letting him cut her nails.

He even took care to wipe her paws of any dirt!

Xiaojun also made sure to rub lotion on her paws since she grows calluses from running around so much, and made sure to clean out her ears too.

He shared that every time Bella wasn’t feeling well, he would bring her to the hospital to get her checked out. It’s clear how much he loves her!


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