WayV’s Xiaojun Caught This Fan’s Attention Years Before His Debut, Resulting In An Iconic Fancam

He had fancams even before debuting!

WayV‘s Xiaojun has amazed audiences with his impressive talents and visuals before he was even revealed as an idol trainee!

Xiaojun from WayV. | @djxiao_888/Instagram

As soon as Xiaojun was introduced to audiences as a new member of SM RookiesSM Entertainment‘s pre-debut training team that included members of Red VelvetNCT, and aespa, netizens praised his visuals.

| SMTOWN/YouTube 

But even before Xiaojun was a trainee with SM Entertainment, he had a ton of experience on stage! Prior to joining the company, Xiaojun was a musical theatre performer.

Xiaojun playing Joe Vegas in a production of Fame.

During one performance in 2017, Xiaojun caught this person’s attention so strongly that they recorded a fancam of him. He danced to “The Nicest Kids In Town” from the musical Hairspray

| xxxlily71/Weibo 

… and also did a duo performance!

| xxxlily71/Weibo 

The fan who originally posted the video in March 2021 on Weibo (@xxxlily71) explained that they were talking with friends recently and remembered recording this. Xiaojun (whose real name is Xiao Dejun) caught their eye back then, and the next time they saw him, he was with SM Entertainment!

YangQiY: Xiao Dejun already had fancams back then

xxxlily71: He’s really handsome. I took notice of him right away and asked my friend who he was, and my friend said his name is Xiao Dejun. Then later, when I saw his name again, he was with SM…

YangQiY: Those who have good looks and talent never go unnoticed 🥺


| Weibo

Check out the video below to see Xiaojun’s pre-debut performance!

Source: Weibo, Instagram and Twitter