WayV Xiaojun Reveals How It Feels To Finally Promote As Part Of NCT

After keeping NCT 2020 under wraps, Xiaojun shared how it felt to openly be part of the group.

Following WayV‘s debut last year, many people weren’t convinced the group was part of NCT—despite an executive employee from SM Entertainment confirming they were twenty-one members at the time.

With the announcement and upcoming promotions of NCT 2020, it’s been confirmed in a way that finally lets all the members freely interact. In Haechan and Taeil‘s latest episode of Welcome to Sun&Moon, Xiaojun received the chance to share how he felt about promoting as NCT.

| XIAOJUN/LysnBubble

MC Haechan opened the floor for the 99-line of Mark, Hendery, Xiaojun, and Lucas to discuss their thoughts on promoting in NCT 2020. Xiaojun began by expressing his enthusiasm, “For the set of performances in 2020, I’m very excited.

There was a particular reason, other than being a performer, that made him happy to set foot on stage.

Sparking Haechan and Taeil’s awe, Xiaojun admitted he became a fan when finding out more about the group. “Before I came, I looked up NCT so much. I actually really like NCT.

Above all, Xiaojun was appreciative for the opportunity to stand beside his seniors and come together for a project that unites them all. “I’m so honored that we get to do something together. I’m so happy. I’m honored.” Xiaojun’s sweet words had everyone bursting into a round of applause to celebrate.

Since all of the NCT groups kept quiet and focused on their own groups, it must’ve been exciting to find that the time for their project as twenty-three members had finally come. Watch Xiaojun share how happy he was to be part of NCT 2020.