WayV’s Xiaojun Reacts To A Fan Bringing Another Group’s Lightstick To Their Show

Xiaojun actually knew what group’s lightstick it was!

Lightsticks are a fun part of any concert experience, created for fans to show their support for their favorite group. These fan items are so important that it is a huge deal when any artist announces they will be selling them.

Because so many groups have lightsticks, fans can often have problems picking out which to purchase. A lightstick can cost upwards of $70 USD or more depending on where you are located, so for fans of multiple groups, this often means picking and choosing.

NewJeans Lightstick | Weverse Shop

K-Pop fans recently have begun bringing the lightsticks of other groups to shows, both to have something of their own to cheer with and to get some use out of their investment.

This sort of thing has been met with mixed reactions from fans, with many sitting on either side of the fence.

Some idols have requested fans not to bring any lightstick to shows, like GOT7‘s Jackson Wang.

Lightsticks Thrown Out At GOT7 Jackson Wang’s Concert

Recently, WayV‘s Xiaojun reacted to someone bringing a lightstick to the group’s concert in the funniest way!

WayV’s Xiaojun | SM Entertainment

WayV are currently on their Phantom fan meeting tour and just arrived in Europe for the shows.

The first show of their tour was in London, the group’s first time performing there. Many fans were excited about the show and likely began prepping their WayV lightsticks.

WayV’s lightstick | SM Entertainment

It seems like one fan decided to bring along their TWICE lightstick and was spotted by Xiaojun in the crowd during his speech.

Hilariously, Xiaojun addresses the person directly, saying, “someone actually brought a Twice fanlight today” before good-naturedly laughing with the other members.

Someone actually brought a TWICE lightstick today…(laughs) it’s okay, it was also green!

— WayV’s Xiaojun

Hendery can also be seen dancing to TWICE’s “TT” during Xiaojun’s “shout out.”

While many idols might not have been able to recognize another group’s lightstick, Xiaojun is known for loving girl groups, so it’s no surprise he noticed it!