Lightsticks Thrown Out At GOT7 Jackson Wang’s Concert

Concert-goers are having different experiences.

Lightsticks are a unique and fun part of attending K-Pop concerts. Each group has a unique one, famous for its signature color oceans.

GOT7‘s lightstick is known as the “AHGABONG,” named after their fandom Ahgase (also known as iGOT7). Their green oceans are like no other!

While the GOT7 members are currently focusing on solo projects, especially as the Korean members fulfill their mandatory military enlistment, Ahgases are showing out and supporting. So, many are still rocking green and bringing their AHGABONGs to solo concerts.

Mark Tuan‘s audience has been green, just like any GOT7 concert. He also has encouraged concert-goers to bring any of their lightsticks even if they were another group’s.

Mark Tuan | @dnaofficial/Twitter

Yet, at Jackson Wang‘s recent concert, many concert-goers reported that their AHGABONGs were being taken or thrown away. He is currently on his 2023 MAGIC MAN WORLD TOUR.

Those who attended Jackson’s concert at theย Barclays Center in New York were not permitted to bring their lightsticks. So, many got thrown away. Some hid theirs outside to find later after the concert.


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โ™ฌ Blow – Jackson Wang

|ย @worldwidebecka/TikTok

Yet, some Ahgases still were able to take their lightsticks to the Jackson Wang concert they attended…


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โ™ฌ original sound – ๐ŸฅบChareese๐Ÿฅบ

For previous stops, such as Chicago at Wintrust Arena, concert-goers were informed that lightsticks were permitted. Still, some reported that their lightsticks were confiscated anyway.

| @worldwidebecka/TikTok

According to Jackys (Jackson Wang’s fandom), it was Jackson’s idea not to permit lightsticks at his solo concerts. Due to Jackson’s vision for MAGIC MAN and his theatrical performances, he prefers white lights in the audience rather than a sea of color, such as green. His current concept’s color scheme is black, red, and white. While fans are discouraged from bringing their own lightsticks, attendees have been given white finger lights.

Lightstick or no lightstick, the 2023 MAGIC MAN TOUR is a memorable experience.

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