GOT7 Tease New Lightstick Design For Ahgase’s 9th Anniversary

AHGABONG Version 3 coming soon!

Ahgases (also known as iGOT7, GOT7 fans) might be getting a new lightstick.

While GOT7 celebrated their 9th anniversary on January 16, the fandom’s anniversary is May 9. In 2014, their official fandom name was revealed.

GOT7’s BamBam shared a sweet message to Ahgases via Weverse. He promised to grow old with the fans.

On the “bird app,” BamBam wished iGOT7 a “Happy Birthday.” He included an abstract green photo of what appeared to be a bird-shaped lightstick.

The entire maknae line, including Yugyeom and Youngjae, shared the photo via Instagram Stories.

So, Ahgases are suspecting that this is a teaser for the official lightstick “AHGABONG” Version 3.

Recently, leader Jay B also confirmed that a new version would be released. He expressed that he liked the new design too.

Although it’s hard to tell how exactly the updated AHGABONG looks, Ahgases are joking that it looks like a rubber ducky based on the silhouette.

Previously, “Spoiler King” BamBam teased that a “big thing” Ahgases anticipated would be coming in 2023.

I can’t let you guys know what it is, but okay, one thing – a big thing will come up this year. It’s something new! It’s not just going to be an album. It’s not going to be a world tour or concert. It’s something a lot of fans have been waiting for like, three, four years now I guess. We’ll be working on something!

— BamBam via CNA Lifestyle

BamBam | Joyee Koo

A new lightstick is a great gift to Ahgases, especially as we eagerly await the day we can be part of the green ocean again.

Are you excited about a new AHGABONG?


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