GOT7’s “Spoiler King” BamBam Promises That The Group Has Something “Big” Planned For 2023

Are we finally getting “Hard Carry 3?”

GOT7 has big plans for 2023!


The group just celebrated their 9th anniversary on January 16. As they are approaching the decade milestone, one might wonder what they have in store next.

From left: Jinyoung, Mark Tuan, Jay B, Youngjae, BamBam, Jackson Wang, and Yugyeom | Twitter Blue Room

In 2022, they made their anticipated comeback with their self-titled album, over a year since the members left JYP Entertainment together. The group also held a sold-out FANCON in Korea. So, what might they have planned next?

Currently, it seems like everyone is busy with solo endeavors. Jay B recently announced his last comeback before his mandatory military enlistment.

Similarly, Jinyoung is preparing to release his first official solo album on January 18 before enlisting. It also celebrates his debut anniversary.

Jackson Wang is currently on his MAGIC MAN World Tour

Yugyeom will be joining the FOLLOW THE MOVEMENT AOMG WORLD TOUR 2023 with Simon Dominic, Loco, Gray, and Lee Hi.

Mark Tuan recently launched his latest XC3 collection, “Arcadia Country Club Collection.”

Youngjae stays busy hosting MBC Radio show Best Friend, which Jinyoung and Jay B just guested.

Most recently, BamBam attended the reopening of the Gentle Monster store in ION Orchard in Singapore. There, he spoke with CNA Lifestyle.

BamBam posing with Singapore fans at the reopening of the Gentle Monster store in Ion Orchard, Singapore. | Joyee Koo

Even with all their busy schedules, GOT7 remain close as ever. Their group chat stays active! BamBam shared that he was already prepared for the members to tease him about a photo of himself.

[We talk in the group chat] Every day, almost! It’s still so busy in there! You know, we love to make fun of each other. Like today, a picture (of me at Gentle Monster event) is going to go out. And of course, one of them is going to make fun of me, for sure!

— BamBam via CNA Lifestyle

| Joyee Koo

GOT7 are not just using their group chat to tease one another, though. BamBam revealed that they are actually planning for a “big thing” for 2023.

I can’t let you guys know what it is, but okay, one thing – a big thing will come up this year. It’s something new!

— BamBam via CNA Lifestyle

Our “Spoiler King” did give some hints… It sounds like it won’t be a tour or even a concert. It might not even include an album. But it is something that Ahgases have wanted for many years…

It’s not just going to be an album. It’s not going to be a world tour or concert. It’s something a lot of fans have been waiting for like, three, four years now I guess. We’ll be working on something!

— BamBam via CNA Lifestyle

| @GOT7/Twitter

BamBam spoiled GOT7’s comeback last year too. So, we can always count on him!

Since BamBam helped rule out some possibilities of what the “big thing” is, Ahgases are already guessing what it could be. The contenders are a documentary or Hard Carry 3. 

What are you placing your bets on?

Source: CNA Lifestyle


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