Fans Think GOT7’s Jay B Has Just Announced His Military Enlistment — And Are Praising Him For The Unexpectedly Special Way He Did It

“Jaebeom romanticizing his enlistment, it’s so him.”

GOT7‘s Jay B may have just announced his military enlistment in the most touching way ever, and it’s leaving fans feeling rather emotional.

GOT7’s Jay B | @jaybnow_hr/Twitter

The past couple of years have been very busy—and successful—for Jay B. From leading GOT7 to become the first completely self-owned K-Pop group with all the trademark rights to their name, to releasing new solo albums, to proving he’s the best leader, he has made fans proud in many different ways.

Now, he is sparking a lot of different emotions as his special new album, Seasonal Hiatus, is announced.

“Season Hiatus” album | @cdnzarecords/Twitter

Fans were quick to notice that the album contains a calendar dated from February 2023 to November 2024.

This makes the calendar very likely a countdown, as it’s the approximate he length of time he’ll likely be gone to carry out his military enlistment.

Not only that, but the name of the album itself also signifies time away for him while also being a gift for Ahgases while he is gone.

While fans were happy with the way Jay B is choosing to refer to his enlistment…

…many couldn’t help but feel emotional over what the album means.

Especially considering that it’s set to be released on Valentine’s Day!

Ultimately, however, Ahgases are mainly proud of his creativity, which has always come from a thoughtful place.

While Ahgases know Jay B must enlist this year, it will definitely be hard to see him go, no matter when it happens. This album is the perfect thing to hold onto until his return!

Jay B’s fellow member Jinyoung will also be enlisting this year, having announced that he will be doing so in March after carrying out his many planned solo activities. Read further about it right here.

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