GOT7’s Jinyoung To Enlist In March 2023 But Here Are His Plans Up Til Then

Fans will be fed well until then.

GOT7‘s Jinyoung will be enlisting in 2023. According to Korean media, he will be enlisting in mid-March 2023.

As a Korean citizen, Jinyoung is required to serve his mandatory military service of 18 months. He turns 28 next year, making it impossible to push off his service any further. But luckily for fans, until he enlists, he will be busy and booked!

He has prepared a solo album for fans and will also see fans through the screen with the movie Christmas Carol. Christmas Carol will launch on December 7, 2022 in theatres. He will be playing two roles in the movie! About a man who goes to a juvenile detention center to avenge his twin brother, Jinyoung will be showing off not only his acting skills but also some action moves.

Poster for Christmas Carol | CJENM

Christmas Carol will be his last movie before enlistment, while the K-Drama Witch will be aired while he’s in the army. It was previously reported that he took up a role for Witch, a drama inspired by a webtoon of the same name. He will play Lee Dong Jin, a data miner. He falls in love with a girl labeled “a witch” as she is always caught amid accidents and rumors.

Apart from his busy drama and movie schedule, Jinyoung has also prepared a solo album for launch in January 2023, and a fan meeting. Looks like his fans will be fed well all the way until his enlistment!

Source: Star News