GOT7’s Mark Tuan Proves To Be A True Multi-Fan, Recognizing Multiple K-Pop Group Lightsticks

He even went to a concert for one of the groups!

There has been a lot of discourse, especially recently, regarding whether it is proper etiquette to bring another artist’s lightstick to a concert.

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A key characteristic of K-Pop concerts is the colorful “oceans” of light made by the lightsticks of the respective artists. For example, BTS are known for their purple ocean, BLACKPINK for their pink, and GOT7 and NCT for their green.

Since lightsticks are custom-made for each group and intended to represent the fandom, some feel it’s inappropriate and even disrespectful to bring another to a different artist’s concert.

Since lightsticks are part of the experience of attending a K-Pop concert, fans will bring their own or purchase them at the venue if they’re available. Yet, because they can be so expensive and some fans belong to multiple K-Pop fandoms, one might not be able to have all lightsticks. So, wanting to still be part of the experience, they will bring the lightstick they do have regardless of the artist. Besides, it’s a good way to prevent a “black ocean,” usually an organized protest of an artist during their performance when the audience will turn off their light sticks.

Now, GOT7‘s Mark Tuan is contributing to the discussion by proving he himself is a multi-fan.

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Mark recently wrapped up his 2022 the other side North American Tour with concerts in his hometown, Los Angeles, California. Even at solo concerts of the GOT7 members, the crowd is filled with AHGABONGs (GOT7 lightsticks), making a green ocean.


Still, you’ll see lightsticks for other K-Pop groups amidst the crowd. And Mark noticed quite a few different ones at his recent L.A. concert. In the now-viral video with over 842K views at the time of writing, he noticed a CARAT BONG, SEVENTEEN‘s lightstick.

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Immediately after, he recognized a RO-BONG, ASTRO‘s lightstick.


Even if he struggled to see the rest due to the crowd, he asked the multi-stans what they were. So, he acknowledged an ATINY’s LIGHTINY, ATEEZ‘s lightstick.


And, of course, he shouted out his former labelmate, Stray Kids! A STAY was there with a Nachimbong.


Last but not least, he noticed an ENGENE’s lightstick. He even revealed that he had gone to see ENHYPEN perform in concert.

What’s that? Oh, ENHYPEN! I watched their show. That was kind of cool.

— Mark Tuan


Previously, ENHYPEN’s Jake and Sunghoon went to see GOT7 perform at highly anticipated and sold-out 2022 FANCON HOMECOMING with I GOT 7 at the South Korea Olympic Handball Gymnasium in Seoul on May 21st and May 22nd. So, they’re fans of each other!

Mark is such a good sunbae, always supporting other K-Pop groups and artists. The recent L.A. concert isn’t the first time he has happily acknowledged others’ lightsticks. At nearly every stop, he made a point to shout out each group by their lightstick one by one.

Some other groups he acknowledged were WayV and BTS. He even asked if “there’s any more lightsticks.” 

Other K-Pop artists who have expressed their appreciation to multi-fans at concerts include TWICE, AleXa, and CIX.

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Watch Mark acknowledging all the lightsticks in L.A. below.


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