WayV’s Yangyang Reveals How Praised And Well Respect Girls’ Generation Is At SM Entertainment

“Ah, I need to work harder.”

WayV‘s Ten and Yangyang recently guested on Girls’ Generation Yuri‘s latest YouTube video!

Since Girls’ Generation is a highly respected group that went through years of training and accomplished countless achievements, Yuri was curious to know how they are perceived among the younger SM Entertainment artist. While eating a meal they cooked together, Ten and Yangyang was asked, “Was there a myth about SNSD (Girls’ Generation) in SM?

As previously mentioned, Girls’ Generation trained extremely hard to become the legendary girl group they are today. Yangyang confirmed that fact and shared Girls’ Generation’s hard work was mentioned a lot during his trainee days.

I’ve heard this a lot when I was a trainee. Whenever our training teachers got angry at us they say, ‘Don’t you know how hard SNSD worked when they were trainees?!’ They used to say, ‘They worked 100 times harder than you.’

— Yangyang

Furthermore, Yangyang admitted that every time they would get reminded of Girls’ Generation’s intense training he starts to work harder.

So when I heard that I thought, ‘Ah I need to work harder…’

— Yangyang

Upon hearing this, Yuri couldn’t help but feel proud and adorably praised herself, “I was a great example.” 

Check out the video below:

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