WayV’s Yangyang Hilariously Described His Relationship With Ten As A “Business Relationship”

Ten was “hurt” by his words. 😂

WayV‘s Ten and Yangyang exude peak sibling energy, and the never-ending saga of their playful bickering continues behind the scenes of their “Kick Back” MV.

| WayV/YouTube

In the behind the scenes footage, Ten exposed Yangyang for only finding him if there was a camera nearby.

If there’s no camera around, he doesn’t look for me. But if there’s a camera, he looks for me.


| WayV/YouTube

Yangyang described it as a “business relationship,” which ultimately “hurt” Ten’s feelings.

Yangyang defended himself by saying that Ten doesn’t look for him regardless of whether or not there is a camera, to which Ten denied saying he looks for him to ask if he’s hungry and wants to eat together. If Lucas hadn’t joined them, the two definitely would have kept bickering between themselves just like siblings.