WayV’s Yangyang Ranks Half Of The Group’s Visuals, Including His

With WayV, it turned into a roasting rather than a ranking.

When taking a look at WayV, no one can deny how handsome every single member is. Based on how confident they are in their visuals and how playful they are, ranking them would turn into a hilarious mess.

After Yangyang declared himself one of the group’s top visuals and went on to rank the others, that’s precisely what happened. Here’s how it unfolded and who ranked where.

| yangyang_x2/Instagram

The start of their interview was quite different than most. Based on their zodiac signs, each of them was asked a specific question related to it. Since Yangyang is a libra, he was asked if he viewed himself as a top visual within the group. He didn’t deny it.

In fact, most of the other members agreed. Xiaojun and Ten showed their agreement with their hands while Kun nodded just a bit. That caused Lucas to come up with a critical question.

He wanted to know between which members Yangyang would rank himself, “But I want to know what rank he is.” Lucas wasn’t the only one curious, either. Winwin wanted to know as well, “I also want to know his rank in visuals.Hendery urged him to do so, “Here. You say it.

Yangyang fulfilled their wishes, placing himself at the very bottom, “Last place is me.” Xiaojun and Lucas didn’t believe him one bit, both of them saying, “It’s definitely not you.” Yangyang then proceeded to rank the group’s visuals from the last place upward.

With Yangyang repping seventh place, he had to decide which member would be sixth. After a moment, he turned to the member beside him. He wrapped an arm around Xiaojun’s shoulders, making them all laugh and him shout, “What?” Lucas pointed out it was technically last place. That fired Xiaojun up to the point he shouted, “Putting me in last place and then you’re done?

After ranking the sixth and seventh places, the rest of the members wanted Yangyang to continue by naming who would get the dreaded fifth place. Winwin said what everyone had been thinking, even hinting at who it could be. “Actually, fifth place is last place in his heart. Don’t you have another roommate?

Following his betrayal of Xiaojun, Yangyang took Winwin’s advice for fifth place, “Well, I’ve already betrayed one of my roommates. I have no choice but to betray the other one too. Since the three of us are roommates. We’re close.” Kun rolled his eyes at the betrayal as the rest of them burst into laughter.

Fortunately for them, Winwin ended the ranking there to spare everyone’s feelings. Even though Yangyang only ranked seventh through fifth place for the group’s visuals, that was more than enough to get an idea of their actual ranking and cause chaos. Check out the funny debacle here.