WayV’s YangYang Surprised Ten When They First Met, But He Doesn’t Remember It At All

They first met on YangYang’s first day as a trainee!

WayV‘s Ten and YangYang certainly have a unique relationship, treating each other like family, and it’s been that way since the first time they met!

YangYang (left) and Ten (right) of WayV. | @yangyang_x2/Instagram

On Super Junior‘s Shindong and YouTuber Quaddurup‘s series, Tell Me Somesing, Ten told the story of how he and YangYang first met — except YangYang had no clue what he was talking about.

“Don’t you remember how we first met?” | SM C&C Studio/YouTube 

According to Ten, he first met YangYang on YangYang’s first day as a trainee. Ten had already debuted in NCT, but YangYang spoke to him with confidence! Apparently, when YangYang first saw Ten, he suddenly said, “Are you Ten? Hi! I’m YangYang. Do you like rap?

| SM C&C Studio/YouTube 

YangYang couldn’t remember it at all, but it certainly left a big impression on Ten considering he remembers it word-for-word all these years later!

“I did?” “Yeah, when you were young.” | SM C&C Studio/YouTube 

The hosts joked about the interaction, acting it out between Quaddurup, who is the same age as Ten, and Shindong, who’s their senior by over ten years.

Quaddurup: Let’s say I went up to you and you’re my sunbae. And I say, “Hello, sunbae! Do you like rap? I’m a rapper!

Shindong: [laughs]

Quaddurup: Like, so what?

“Do you like rap?” | SM C&C Studio/YouTube 

It’s a memory that’s so fitting for Ten and YangYang’s friendship; who could’ve guessed that just a few years later, they’d debut together in WayV and in their own sub-unit!


Check out the full episode below!

Source: YouTube and Instagram


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