WayV’s Winwin And Kun Try To Teach Ten A New Word, And It Got 19+ Quickly

They just had to laugh at the situation.

WayV has been having a lot of fun in their reality show Dream Plan, especially Ten who just loves to tease leader Kun. Now, he’s having fun in a completely different way.


Kun and Winwin had to explain the process of fertilization to Ten, so Winwin said it’s something that you give vegetables to grow bigger. With this in mind, Ten instantly said, “Give them s**t.”

The straightforward answer made Winwin pause, and Kun corrected him by saying the word nutrients instead. Ten didn’t seem to catch on yet and agreed by saying, “Yes, s**t.”

So, Winwin stepped in and explained that there was a polite way to say it rather than what he was currently saying. The funny situation made Kun agree with Winwin before smiling the biggest smile ever.

After Kun playfully pretended to hit him for his crude language, Ten finally understood and pronounced the polite version of the word. And, it all even made him smile.

In the end, Kun and Winwin’s language class was a success. Watch their funny reactions to Ten not catching onto the new word here.