WayV’s Yangyang Names This NCT Dream Member As His Best Friend

He didn’t have to think about it.

During a fan sign event, WayV‘s Yangyang was asked a question that made him give two different answers, the latter making fans far more excited.

That question was who was his best friend.

wayv yangyang

Yangyang asked if the fan meant in WayV, so he said that it would have to be Xiaojun because they live together. Then, the fan clarified by saying who was his best friend in all of NCT. So, he gave a completely different answer.

wayv xiaojun

In all of NCT, Yangyang chose NCT Dream’s Renjun as his best friend. Since Renjun mentioned being close to the members of WayV and both being the same age, it makes complete sense they would be closest.

nct dream renjun

Although the members of all the NCT units, including WayV, aren’t seen together often, they’re closer than ever. Listen to Yangyang choose Renjun here.

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