The Wedding Dress That Suzy Wore In “Start-Up” Is Not As Pricey As You’d Think

It’s expensive, but not crazy expensive!

The crazy popular Netflix series, Start-Up recently concluded and from start to finish, it got viewers abuzz.

The final episode, which aired on December 6, created quite a stir amongst netizens with the way the drama ended. Seo Dalmi, played by Suzy was seen wearing a beautiful wedding dress as she walked down the aisle with Nam Do San, who is played by Nam Joo Hyuk. Netizens could not get over Suzy’s beauty as it radiated even in such a simple wedding dress!

The dress is an ivory color and boasts a simple, but elegant silhouette. With some elbow length sleeves that have some slight but beautiful ruffles, Suzy’s visuals really popped. There are no extra embellishments or added features on the dress which add to the simplistic vibe.

The simple wedding dress features a slightly tighter fit, hugging the actress’ body modestly, in all the right ways. The square neckline shows off her collarbone line, adding to the femininity of the dress. Suzy’s low bun, effortless bangs and dainty tiara tie it all together. The dress really caught the attention of viewers and naturally, everyone was curious about it.

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It was revealed that the dress is by a British fashion brand called SaFiyaa and costs roughly around $1,785. While that is still quite a steep price tag, for a wedding dress it is not as crazy as what we’ve seen. Especially considering that it was a wedding dress featured in a hit drama series that was worn by a global star. The fact that it was under two grand is not too shabby.

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On the model, the gorgeous dress is adorned with a matching belt to further accentuate the waistline. The model also has the dress paired with her hair back in a low bun of some sorts to further show off the neckline.

With the elegant dress, Suzy proves that sometimes, less is more. You can see more of the dress on Seo Dalmi, played by Suzy during the last episode of Netflix’s popular series, Start-Up.

Source: Nate and theqoo