Gym Trainer And Celebrity Reveal Both IU And Suzy Love Using The Same Exercise Machine When They Need To Lose Weight Quick

They both do the same exercise!

Both IU and Suzy have similar nicknames with the Korean public. IU is often called the nation’s little sister, while Suzy is called the nation’s first love. Thanks to their innocent images, both have garnered strong love from the public. However, despite their lovable images, both of them actually possess one of the slimmest figures in the industry. Here’s their secret.

On an episode of I Live Alone, celebrity Noh Hong Chul revealed that he attends the same gym as IU. He recalled that she loved using the stair stepper machine, otherwise called “steps to heaven“. We’d probably call it steps to hell, but then again, we’re not as fit as IU!

IU’s famous diet which caused her to lose 4kg in a week consisted of stair exercise as well. This machine probably lets you do it in the comfort of an air-conditioned gym rather than your apartment stairwell!

| theqoo

On an episode of Allure Fit, Suzy’s gym trainer also revealed her secret. When Suzy needs to lose weight quickly before an important pictorial, she makes use of the stair stepper.

He shared that she uses the machine for about 30 minutes at a speed equivalent to ascending about 100 storeys!

The stair stepper is a great cardio workout designed to maximise the burn of calories while giving your thighs a healthy strain.

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