These Are All The Weird Laws You Never Knew, North Korean Citizens Had To Follow

North Korea is famous for its closed society and strict regulations on its citizens.

Let’s check out the weirdest laws that North Korea uses to control the populace.

1. You have to get a state-approved hairstyle

North Korea controls hairstyles of its citizens, giving them a very limited option to choose from state-approved hairstyles: 18 for women, and 12 for men.

2. No smiling on July 8

Kim Il Sung, the father of the nation passed away on July 8th, 1994, and citizens are prohibited from smiling or talking loudly on the day to mourn his death.

3. You need government permission to move to the capital cityPyongyang, the capital of Korea, is populated mainly by ruling party leaders and those with higher social status, and you can’t just move to Pyongyang without the permission from the government.

4. The legal requirement to vote in all elections

In North Korea, citizens over the age of 17 are legally required to vote, and the government actively monitors the list of citizens who vote.

5. Government-controlled media 

There are no international TV programs aired in North Korea and all broadcasted programs are strictly controlled by the government, producing every word said on TV programs.

6. The caste system

Every citizen falls into one of the caste classes:

The Core – the elites, which include Kim Jong Un.

The Wavering – families of artisans, traders, those repatriated from China and intellectuals educated under Japanese rule.

Lastly, the Hostile – those the government has deemed undesirable or an enemy of the state, including lawyers, landlords, and Christian ministers.

7. The three-generation rule Your whole family is punished by being sent to a labor camp for a family member’s criminal actions.

In addition, the following two generations must stay in the camp as well.

8. No international callsThe government regulates the flow of information and does not want any undesirable information flowing into the country through international calls.

If someone is caught making international calls, they are put to death.

9. Those who try to escape the country are sent to labor camps or executedKim Jong Un uses fear to keep himself in power, and those who try to escape and their entire family are punished for rebelling.

10. Strict regulation of the Internet usage Only a very few selected personalities have access to the Internet, but there are only 28 active websites that are accessible.

11. Driving limits

The government controls who can own and drive vehicles and only male government officials are allowed to drive.

12. No Bibles 

No religion is allowed in North Korea because they have to worship Kim Jong Un’s divine being.

Ownership of Bibles can result in execution or be sent to labor camps.

Source: Ranker

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