Weki Meki’s Doyeon Spilled Some Details About How She And APRIL’s Naeun Became BFFs

Fans have always wondered how their friendship started:

Weki Meki‘s Doyeon and APRIL‘s Naeun have been friends for years but Doyeon just recently revealed just how she and Naeun became the ultimate BFF duo!

Doyeon and Naeun have been stealing everyone’s heart with their friendship since 2017 when Naeun first revealed she was getting close to Doyeon during one of APRIL’s livestreams. Since then, their friendship has only grown and today they are one of the most legendary friendship duos in K-Pop!

Image: @betterlee_0824/Instagram

Despite knowing how close the two are, however, many fans have often wondered how they first forged this unbreakable bond between them. One fan decided they would find out for all friendship fans and asked Doyeon on Weki Meki’s fan cafe.

Luckily, Doyeon saw the post and decided to let fans know a little bit more about her friendship. There was only one problem, however. Doyeon, herself, wasn’t exactly sure how she became friends with Naeun!

Although Doyeon may not know exactly how they became friends, she did reveal that they both simply wanted a close friend.

Doyeon’s answer may have come as a surprise to fans, but it was a very relatable surprise. While fans have been sharing even more love for the BFF duo, they’ve continued to steal everyone’s heart not only with their friendship story but of course with their incredibly strong, sweet, and close bond!