Welcome To BTS Jimin’s Mukbang Session Feat. Kimchi Fried Rice And Tonkatsu


On March 30, BTS‘s Jimin came on live stream to chat with fans for a bit before heading off to another schedule. During this session, he held phone calls with other members, talked about food and music, and had a fun time chatting with ARMYs.

This one hour live stream turned into a bit of a mukbang as he ordered food to eat and talked about all the different foods he ate as well.

He revealed that he at black bean noodles the night before for a snack with some kimchi on the side. He gives a tip on adding red hot pepper flakes to the noodles and that although very spicy, it’s also very good.

Today, he woke up mid-afternoon and wasn’t able to eat anything, so he ordered kimchi fried rice and tonkatsu.

After his food arrived, he decided to eat while doing the live stream and admits that food is his ultimate joy these days. He doesn’t think there was ever a time that he didn’t have an appetite. Even when he’s sick, he admits that he pretends to order rice porridge but ends up eating pork belly instead.

He goes on to talk about different ways to cook eggs and that his favorite style is fried eggs.

His go-to dish when drinking soju is pork belly and spicy cold noodles as well.

We all love to see a happy and well-fed Jimin! Stay tuned for his upcoming live stream next week!