BTS’s Jin Responds To Suga’s “Worldwide Handsome” Painting

It’s a masterpiece, clearly.

BTS‘s Jin is a living work of art, and he’s not shy about letting everyone know it.

It takes an extremely confident person to give himself the nickname “Worldwide Handsome”, but where’s the lie? Michelangelo would kill to paint this!

Speaking of painters, Suga is one. On May 8, he held a YouTube live session for his third round of painting. The piece, entitled “Morning”, has become a meme-maker’s blank canvas. Fans have edited many images onto “Morning”, including photos of Jin.

On May 8, a fan posted this “Worldwide Handsome” edit on Weverse, and it didn’t go unnoticed.

In the comments, Jin playfully wrote, “He drew that?”

During a recent live stream, Jin couldn’t clearly remember what Suga’s painting looked like, but he knows Suga didn’t actually paint his portrait…right? That’s ARMY’s job!

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BTS Fans Are Turning Suga’s Painting Into A Meme Because Why Not?