WINNER Fully Embraced Their BLACKPINK Alter Egos During Their Recent Concert

Lisa even gave WINPINK their very own introduction!

When WINNER stopped in Bangkok on their CROSS tour, they not only brought some serious heat with their stunning performances, ments, and interactions, but they also left everyone cheering when they fully embraced their BLACKPINK alter egos!

Image credit: @yg_winnercity/Twitter


During the concert, the screen suddenly lit up with a special VCR message from none other than Lisa! Addressing Inner Circle, Lisa revealed that WINNER had prepared a special surprise for Thai fans before counting down to the big reveal!


When Lisa’s countdown concluded, Inner Circles found out exactly what that surprise was! As BLACKPINK’s “DDU-DU DDU-DU” began blasting through the sound system, WINNER began performing the iconic BLACKPINK song! 


With Mino performing as Jennie, Jinu as Jisoo, Seunghoon as Lisa, and Seungyoon as Rosé, they channeled their inner BLACKPINK making sure to nail each move and deliver a powerful performance just like BLACKPINK always does!



But WINNER didn’t just channel their inner BLACKPINK, they fully embraced it! Calling themselves “WINPINK”, they each introduced themselves as their new alter egos. Mino introduced himself as Minnie, Jinu as Jinsoo, Seunghoon as Leesa/Heesa, and Seungyoon as Yoonsé!


As WINNER became WINPINK, they quickly stole the hearts of both Inner Circle and BLINK everywhere! Fans are not only loving Lisa’s special video message and how into their roles WINNER got, but they’re also loving how this whole experience proves what an amazing friendship the two groups have!


Watch WINNER fully embrace their inner BLACKPINK in the fancam below: