WINNER Sent Some Major Love To BLACKPINK In A Recent Interview

They had some major praise for their hoobaes:

With the recent release of their new hit mini album, WE, WINNER have been receiving a whole lot of love. But they’ve also been giving plenty of love too, especially to BLACKPINK!


WINNER recently sat down for an interview where they talked about everything from YG Entertainment to the meaning of their album’s title!

It’s amazing how all of us have become ‘we’ now. Like if someone accidentally makes a mistake on stage, another member will go along with it. We make it work without anyone having to say anything. Those moments really make me feel like we are a ‘we.’ It also feels like we’re a ‘we’ with our fans since we’re looking in the same direction.

— Seungyoon


They also had some very sweet words to say about their fellow YG Entertainment group, BLACKPINK. They revealed that they were very impressed with their recent performances…

I’m really happy that they’re doing well. It’s really great and they’re really cool. I’ve watched clips of them performing at a festival recently and they were amazing.

— Seungyoon


And that they are always cheering their hoobaes on!

We would love to participate in a festival like that someday too! But the chance to perform on a big stage like that doesn’t come along frequently. There are some things that I’m a bit envious about but we’re always supporting them with our whole hearts. We’re their sunbaes and we want to cheer them on more and stream more for our junior artists!

— Seungyoon


Talented, sweet, and supportive, WINNER are always melting our hearts!

Source: xsportsnews