WINNER Chugged Lots of Alcohol in the Middle of an Epic College Festival Performance

When a fan in the audience handed them alcohol, WINNER gladly accepted.

Just last month, WINNER performed at a college festival at the University of Suwon where they accepted the alcohol given by the students watching the show.

During the performance, Lee Seunghoon received a bottle of soju from a fan in the audience, which led to WINNER playing a game that tests loyalty.

The first member to chug the soju was Kim Jinwoo, who received overwhelming attention for chugging a bottle of soju on his own the night before at another performance.

With the support of the audience’s chanting, Kim Jinwoo downed the bottle without any hesitation.

After that, Lee Seunghoon took a shot from the bottle and then handed it over to Song Mino.

Song Mino chugged what was in the rest of the bottle out of consideration for Kang Seungyoon who was up next and made everyone cheer.

But the students didn’t think this was fair and handed a new bottle to Kang Seungyoon.

In response, Kang Seungyoon chugged nearly half the bottle before WINNER proceeded to heat up the stage with more epic performances.

Watch the full footage below:

Source: Insight