WINNER’s Event Was Delayed But That Didn’t Stop Them From Dominating The Stage Like Total Bosses

Technical difficulties delayed the event for over 10 minutes!

WINNER recently performed at Hanyang University’s ERICA Campus and while they certainly left the crowd cheering with their performances and wild interactions, they also proved they are total bosses when faced with a problem.


Just as the event was about to kick off, WINNER had a major technical issue that meant their performance would be delayed. Knowing there was an issue, however, they continued onto the stage and explained the situation to all the students.

We are having issues with our CD so we’d like to talk with everyone until it’s ready.

— Seungyoon


They didn’t just offer up an explanation and apologies though! Pretty soon they teased fans with a practice round of “AH YEAH” and “EVERYDAY”…


Got the crowd involved in the fun…


And engaging everyone in a number of other ways!


Over 10 minutes passed by in the blink of an eye with WINNER dominating the stage and having tons of funs with everyone there!


Eventually, the problem was fixed and their performance kicked off in earnest and WINNER continued to show off their powerful presence. Check out the technical delay and WINNER’s amazing response to it in the video below: