WINNER filmed “Fool” and “Really Really” at these awesome LA locations

WINNER‘s two new music videos feature some awesome locations, and here’s exactly where they were shot.

WINNER released a pair of MVs for their 2 new songs “Fool” and “Really Really” this week, and in them, the group is spotted at some well-known places in Los Angeles, California. The YG Entertianment group took a trip to America’s west coast last month to film the music videos and, judging from them, had a great time visiting fancy hotels and movie sets!

Check out exactly where the group shot parts of their videos:


A few weeks ago, the director of YG Entertainment‘s creative division posted a photo to his Instagram with the location set as “Blue Cloud Movie Ranch” in California, leading fans to believe that this was where WINNER were shooting. The Blue Cloud Movie Ranch has been used as the backdrop to countless movies, including Marvel‘s Iron Man series and Clint Eastwood‘s American Sniper.

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Now that the video has been released, it’s clear that was true!

This is part of the Blue Cloud Movie Ranch set!
It can be seen behind Seungyoon in this part of the video!
This gas station is also part of the Blue Cloud set.
Seunghoon shot a scene at the gas station.

Part of the music video was also filmed at The MacArthur! This building might look like a fancy hotel, but it’s actually exclusively used for filming and events such as weddings. The building is filled with beauty, with ceilings straight out of the world’s greatest cathedrals and large murals covering the walls.

This is the grand ballroom at the hotel!
The MacArthur Hotel is the scene of this shot from the MV!
The hotel’s staircase was also used for the video.
Seungyoon filmed on the staircase!

Really Really

Part of “Really Really” was shot between two bank buildings in LA; Chase Bank and Pacific City Bank, this scenic spot in LA creates a brilliant background that complements the group’s outfits in the scene.

The two huge banks can be seen behind the boys!

WINNER couldn’t have picked more beautiful locations if they’d tried!

Check out their new music videos down below!