WINNER’s HOONY Receives Praise For His Heartwarming Gesture For Fans Who Wrote To Him During His Military Service

“I don’t know how not to fall in love with Lee Seunghoon.”

WINNER made their long-awaited comeback with their fourth mini-album HOLIDAY on July 5, returning as four members for the first time in two years.

(From left to right) WINNER’s HOONY, Kang Seungyoon, Jinu, and Mino | @maetamong/Instagram

Fans were eager to see the fun-loving group back together after HOONY and Jinu were away while completing their military service.

WINNER’s Jinu (left) and HOONY (right)

Their charming and carefree personality is beloved by fans and fellow idols, which they showcase in many ways.

Fans love seeing the comedic side of the group. When they’re not actively promoting music, WINNER maintains their status as TikTok kings through HOONY’s account. HOONY even recently filmed an impressive “evolution of K-Music,” where he acted in a montage of dramatic scenes depicting the unique style of each generation of K-Pop.


The evolution of K-music video 🎥 : jinooya

♬ 오리지널 사운드 – HOONY – HOONY

The group easily gets along with fellow K-Pop idols. They had aespa‘s NingNing cracking up during their “Girls” dance challenge because of HOONY’s expert camerawork giving the aespa member her spotlight.


Girls with WINNER🫡☁️🎥 HOONY#aespa #æspa #에스파#Girls #aespa_Girls #GirlsChallenge #WINNER @WINNERCITY

♬ Girls – aespa

Recently, WINNER’s HOONY gained attention for his kind personality through his touching gesture towards fans while he was completing his military service.

WINNER’s Hoony during his military service

While he was away, fans reminded him they were always there by his side by sending him heartfelt letters.

In response, HOONY showed his gratitude by handwriting each fan’s name who sent a letter and sharing a photo of the list.

WINNER’s HOONY holding his handwritten list of fan names | Instiz

Fans and netizens reacted to the heartfelt gesture, praising HOONY for his thoughtfulness.

Netizen comments | Instiz
  • 14: I don’t know how not to fall in love with Lee Seunghoon.
  • 15: I’m not even a fan but I’m moved…
  • 16: This is so sweet, seriously.
  • 17: How so very sweet of him…Wow… I’m impressed

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Source: Instiz