How WINNER’s Jinwoo And Seunghoon Brought WINNER With Them To The Army

So cute!

WINNER‘s Jinwoo and Seunghoon were the first in the group who enlisted in their mandatory military service.


Despite no longer performing with WINNER for two years, they made sure to bring WINNER with them to the army!

Recent photos showed Jinwoo growing comfortable with his division squad, to the point where he asked them to do the group’s hand sign.

With their index fingers and pinkies raised, they made a “W” with their hands.

Seunghoon, meanwhile, went a step further and embossed the WINNER logo on his army jacket.

They’re keeping INCLES and WINNER close to their hearts!

Both Jinwoo and Seunghoon are currently in 4 weeks of mandatory basic training. Following this session, they will head on to become public service workers.

Source: Nate