How Not To Make Strawberry Latte, As Unintentionally Taught By WINNER’s Hoony

(Inner scream)

In his most recent live broadcast, WINNER‘s Hoony decided to make himself a strawberry latte. Before we continue, let us get the expected visual of this said strawberry latte.

To create this aesthetically gram-worthy drink, Hoony mixed a bowl of crushed strawberries, sugar, and milk into a bottle…

… and began shaking the heck out of it.

He got really groovy and even tossed the bottle, like a true barista — and the first try was actually successful.

He then gained the confidence to try again… except the universe was not on his side this time.

With his strawberry latte spilled all over the rug, table, and on his phone, Hoony didn’t know what to do with himself for a second there…

… but eventually came to this conclusion:

Guys… Just eat the strawberries whole, okay?

— Hoony

Watch the whole thing in action here:

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