WINNER’s Hoony And Yoon Continued To Shower Dara With Love After Watching Her Musical

They shared lots of love for Dara and her musical:

WINNER and Sandara Park don’t have the typical hoobae-sunbae relationship. Their bond is so strong that they’re more like siblings than anything else! And just like the best siblings, Hoony and Yoon not only made sure to cheer Sandara Park on at her new musical but they also continued to shower her with lots of love afterward too!

On April 12, Yoon shared that he and Hoony had just gone to watch Dara in her new musical, Another Miss Oh. Posting a figure of the two of them together with Dara, Yoon had nothing but praise for the musical and his noona!

I went to see a musical with Seunghoon-ie hyung!! It was heartwarming and better than I had expected. Our noona did so well! #MusicalAnotherMissOh

Hoony, meanwhile, had plenty of love to give to Dara too! Starting things off by sharing a photo he had taken of Dara backstage, Hoony congratulated Dara on another amazing show!

Next up, Hoony posted another Insta story, urging others to go see the musical and assuring everyone that they’ll enjoy the performance.

Finally, Hoony had one more thing to say about Dara and her musical!

Could it get any sweeter than that?