WINNER’s Jinu And Seunghoon Had Very Different Reactions To Fanboy Mino And It’s Cracking Everyone Up

Fans are loving their different reactions:

With their latest comeback stealing hearts right and left, WINNER have recently been making everyone fall even harder for them through their fanmeetings. While fans have been having a blast interacting with them, its Mino‘s fanboy interactions with Seunghoon and Jinu that have really been winning everyone’s heart.


It all started when Mino finished up his signing portion of the event first and decided he should join the queue of fans waiting to meet the rest of the members. First making a stop at Seunghoon, Mino turned into the ultimate fan and even gave Seunghoon his sunflower band.


Seunghoon, in turn, had a very sweet interaction with Mino. After receiving the flower clip, he posed for a few pictures with Mino and even made sure to do a hand heart with him!


While Seunghoon’s interaction with fanboy Mino couldn’t have been any sweeter, Jinu’s reaction to seeing him was hilariously different. Upon first seeing him, Jinu teased Mino by pretending to throw the album away.


He trolled Mino even harder by stealthily unscrewing the cap off his water bottle, holding it over Mino, and acting like he was ready to pour it!


Inner Circles, meanwhile, are cracking up hard after seeing the two very different reactions from Jinu and Seunghoon…


And absolutely loving the return of fanboy Mino!