WINNER’s Mino Says Jinwoo Cried to Him on the Phone as Soon as He Entered the Military

Jinwoo is having a rough time.

On a recent broadcast of MBC’s Kim Shin Young’s Hope Song at Noon, WINNER‘s Mino and Seungyoon appeared and talked about Jinwoo‘s recent enlistment in the military.

In contrast to what many fans have been expecting, Mino confessed that Jinwoo cried to him over the phone as soon as he entered the military.

 I recently got a call from Jinwoo. He said he could talk to me for 5 minutes. He cried.

– Mino


Mino explained that each of the members was able to take turns talking to Jinwoo and revealed what Jinwoo said about the military.

Jinwoo said he’s having a hard time.

– Mino

When Mino made this unexpected revelation, Seungyoon criticized him for saying that when he had already told fans that Jinyoo is doing just fine.

I already told our fans that Jinyoo is doing well so that they can rest assured. How can you say he’s having a hard time?

– Seungyoon

Mino was taken aback by this, but he continued to tell the truth.

 I didn’t think it through. But Jinwoo said he’s having a hard time adjusting.

– Mino

Seungyoon agreed with this and sympathized with how different it must be in the military.

It must be hard to adjust. It’s probably very different from how we live out here.

– Seungyoon

Jinwoo recently enlisted in the military on April 2.

Here’s hoping things get better for Jinyoo as time goes on!



Source: Insight