WINNER’s Kim Jinwoo Shows Off The Results Of Spending $2200 Per Month On His Skin

It really paid off.

WINNER‘s Kim Jinwoo went viral after attending an event in South Korea recently. As Seoul kicks off Art Week, celebrities are mobilized to attend various events and exhibitions. Jinwoo headed out for a night with his fellow members, two of which, are featured artists. He dressed down in a simple blue jacket but his face completed the look. His skin was absolutely glowing.

Jinwoo and his honey skin. | @rlawlsdnS2/Twitter

The moment soon went viral on Twitter, with over 2400 QRTs and 9000 likes. Netizens raved over his smooth, baby-like skin. Many wondered about the secret to his beauty but the answer is a very practical one. Jinwoo himself had shared on a variety program that he basically only does one thing — pour money into this skin. Loads of it.

He spends about ₩3.00 million KRW (about $2,210 USD) per month on his skin alone. It’s no wonder we’re seeing some serious glow on his face! He’s literally slathering it in diamonds and gold. In fact, he spends so much at clinics that he once considered getting a professional machine for his own use at home.

Since it takes a lot of money to go to the skin clinic, I thought about buying a machine that can be used at home as it might be more cost-efficient. I haven’t bought it but I’m thinking about it. The one that is used by the clinic is about ₩3.00 million KRW (about $2,210 USD) too.

—  Jinwoo

That’s certainly one way to save money and your skin at the same time!