Mino’s Wild Reaction To WINNER’s Healing Yoga Session Was So Hilarious Seungyoon Was Left In Tears

Mino was really wildin’.

WINNER recently teamed up with Dingo to play the ultimate game of bingo. While they got into all sorts of wacky and wonderful situations in the first episode of the Bingo Trip, on the latest episode their Dingo chance led them to one of the most hilarious situations ever. One so funny it left Seungyoon in tears!


With WINNER ultimately deciding to use their chance card to fill up more of their bingo spaces, WINNER were challenged to take a break and relax with some yoga. Except this wasn’t any old yoga, this was Dingo bingo! With plenty of hilarious warm-ups, dance breaks, and more, they were definitely in for a wild ride during this round of yoga!


But the wildest part of all came when the two yoga instructors announced they had prepared a special healing lesson for WINNER.

Today, I prepared a healing yoga lesson with teacher Mini.

— Teacher Bini


WINNER were given just a few instructions. First, they had to keep their eyes closed and second, they had to focus on the inner heart while they listened to the words.

Do not open your eyes! Now, you all need to focus on the inner heart and listen to these words. I said like a habit, I always trust you. I might have been lost after the continous fight.

— Teacher Mini and Bini


So as they began their lesson WINNER focused on their words. And with all that focus came the realization that those words sounded familiar…like really familiar!


With the realization that the yoga instructors were reciting the lyrics to Mino‘s “Fear”, Mino decided to roll with it and roll with it good!


— Mino


While just hearing the yoga instructors’ words already had Seungyoon holding back his laughter, when he heard Mino echoing the lyrics, Seungyoon was laughing so hard he was actually tearing up!


As if it wasn’t already hard enough on Seungyoon, it got even harder for him because as they continued Mino didn’t hesitate to shout out the next words with no censoring at all, causing everyone to lose it!


The special lesson and Mino’s passionate delivery didn’t just have Seungyoon laughing hard, Inner Circles also had a hard time reining in their laughter!


Watch Mino’s overflowing “Fear” passion and even more hilariously wacky and wonderful moments from WINNER’s yoga lesson in the video below:


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