Fans Are So Excited For WINNER Mino’s Solo Album That They’ve Started Doing This

Inner Circles are flexing their creativity once again.

Fans have been begging for news about WINNER Mino‘s solo debut album since it was first hinted at back in September. So when it was announced that it would be dropping on November 26th, Inner Circles couldn’t have been happier.


There was only one more problem that fans had to deal with, a lack of teasers! Since the release date was announced Inner Circles have been desperate for some kind of teaser for the album.


But waiting for an official teaser hasn’t been all that bad. Just as they rose to the challenge proposed by Seungyoon when he asked fans to photoshop Mino into a group picture, fans rose up once again and flexed their creative fingers!


They’ve created some absolutely stunning album artwork…


Made a few motion teasers…


And even created some straight up video teasers for it!


Even Mino himself decided to join in and created something for fans to enjoy!


Netizens have been blown away with what Inner Circles have made so far.


While other fans couldn’t be prouder!


And if everyone wasn’t already blown away by these awesome fan creations, YG Entertainment has just released some official artwork of their own!