Here’s Why WINNER’s Mino Developed His Fashion-Forward Obsession With All Things “Sunflower”

Song Mino: Sunflower King 🌻

WINNER‘s Mino is known for his artistic prowess across visual art, fashion, and music. However, even casual fans of the rapper may have noticed the steady invasion of one big, bright, yellow flower into all of of his mediums over the past couple years.

It’s been seen in his solo songs:

“도망가 (Run away)” | WINNER/YouTube 

Been fierce in his fashion (both worn and designed with fellow member Yoon):

| @realllllmino/Instagram &

And even aesthetically appealing in his paintings as Ohnim.

| @realllllmino/Instagram

As the cover model for W Korea, Mino finally revealed how the sunflower became such an essential part of his style (while sporting a new, short haircut).

| @realllllmino/Instagram

He began by explaining that the color of the flower drew him to it.

First, I liked the color. It’s so yellow! It started off with ‘it’s such a pretty yellow.’


“First I liked the color. It’s so yellow!” | W KOREA/YouTube 

He then shared that the flower is “really common” which attracted him to it even more.

| @X4X_330am/Twitter

He beautifully explained that even though the flower was so common, he’d never really noticed it. “I can’t believe I didn’t know about this pretty creature,” he shared.

| @sweetmino131025/Twitter

He added that his mindset is that of “loving what’s around [him]”, so even though the flower is such a common part of his life, “I still like it.”

“I have a mindset of loving what’s around me so I still like it.” | W KOREA/YouTube 

Fans have come to associate the flower with Mino so it should be nice for fans to have some clarity as to where his love for the flower came from. Had you noticed Mino’s sunflowers? What are your thoughts on this fashion statement? Let us know and to check out his full interview with W Korea, check out the video below: