WINNER’s Mino Warmed Hearts By Revealing His Mom Is The Reason He Decided To Open A Cafe

He opened the cafe for his mom!

WINNER‘s Mino recently opened up about his new cafe and revealed the heartwarming reason he ultimately decided to open the new business in the first place!

When Mino and Yoon were the special DJs on the April 13 broadcast of MBC Radio‘s Idol Radio, Yoon brought up the subject of Mino’s new cafe and excitedly announced his status as a cafe owner.

Mino became a cafe owner! Wow! Amazing!

— Yoon

Back in March, Mino’s cafe became a hot topic when pictures of the new place began circulating online. The cafe was revealed to be located in Hapjeong, Seoul and called Øsechill cafe.

After congratulating Mino on his new business, Yoon revealed he had prepared some questions that would let everyone learn a little bit more about Øsechill while allowing Mino the opportunity to promote his place too.

You’ve become a cafe CEO! Hold on… I’ll give you 20 seconds to promote your cafe. I’ll give you questions and you answer.

— Yoon

Through the quick Q&A session, Mino not only revealed the signature drink at the cafe but also opened up about why he had decided to open the cafe in the first place.

The signature dish? Umm… the Oh Jack Sparrow. Well, it’s a cocktail. It’s really delicious!

— Mino

While there could be an infinite number of reasons someone might want to open a cafe, Mino revealed that his reason was his mom! He had wanted to open the cafe for his mom, so he did just that!

It’s not officially open yet. Well, it was for my mom. I prepared the cafe for my mom.

— Mino

While fans were already excited about the cafe when the pictures began circulating online, after hearing Mino’s reason for opening it, they’re even more excited about it and can hardly wait to visit it once it’s officially open! You can learn more about Øsechill through Mino’s Q&A with Yoon starting around the 22-minute mark below:

Source: Newsen and Insight