WINNER’s Seungyoon Shares Why BLACKPINK Felt “Mysterious” When They Were Trainees

Seungyoon was quite curious when he was a trainee.

YG Entertainment has a rule where they separate male and female trainees. During an episode of K-Pop Lyrics Helper, WINNER‘s Seungyoon spoke briefly about this rule.

WINNER’s Seungyoon

Seungyoon shared that the company separates male and females trainees since they want to eliminate the chance of them dating. YG Entertainment also believes that trainees can’t focus properly on training if they’re dating.

| 모모 momoe/YouTube

Due to this rule, when Seungyoon was a trainee, he fantasized about what the female trainees in the company looked like. These female trainees were a big mystery to Seungyoon.

| 모모 momoe/YouTube

The girls that Seungyoon fantasized about eventually made their debut, and they were none other than BLACKPINK!


Seungyoon went on to explain how he’s on good terms with BLACKPINK now, but the “mystery” about them disappeared after he started interacting with them.

| 모모 momoe/YouTube

Here’s the full video below!


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