WINNER’s Seungyoon Was Caught Dancing To EXO’s “Love Shot” And It Was Cuteness Overload

WINEXO fans just keep winning!

WINNER and EXO fans were already winning big after spotting a few adorable interactions between Mino, Suho, and Sehun at the SBS Super Concert but this year’s concert had even more in store for WINEXO fans!


On July 6, after all the amazing performances, the artists gathered on stage for the finale. As everyone made their way onto the stage, EXO’s “Love Shot” began playing and fans immediately spotted someone who was getting very into it!


Seunyoon couldn’t help grooving along to the beat and adding some of his own moves to the song while Jinwoo and Seunghoon were spotted tapping along to the beat too!


But those dance moves weren’t the end to Seungyoon’s “Love Shot” danceathon! As WINNER made their way onto the extended stage to interact with fans, he busted out all the moves to “Love Shot”…


And continued dancing along until the end!


Both WINNER and EXO fans instantly fell in love with the moment because it was seriously cuteness overload!


With Mino, Sehun, Suho, and Seungyoon’s moments warming everyone’s heart, hopefully, we’ll get to see even more adorable WINEXO moments soon!