WINNER’s Jinu Discusses Hard Work And Talent In Latest Pictorial With GQ Magazine

He discussed the importance.

Recently, WINNER‘s Jinu participated in a pictorial and interview with GQ Korea. There, he talked about the importance of hard work in the industry.

During the interviews, Jinu was asked what the secret was for being so well-loved by the people around him. He explains that it’s all about opening up to people, saying,

Be polite and always be willing to do well. Even if I don’t know who they are, I always open my heart to those who wish to work together.

Last month, Jinu debuted as a solo artist after ten years of training. Concerning this, he said,

I believe in hard work. Of course, talent is also important. People who are naturally talented tend not to work hard.

He then reminisced of his time as a trainee and how he had thoughts of giving up, but chose to work hard and train instead.

When I was 20 years old, I had many moments in which I wanted to quit being a trainee and give up.

Now the fruits of Jinu’s labor has paid off, and he is well-loved by fans and netizens alike! 

Source: Naver