“Winning The IDGAF War” — LE SSERAFIM’s Chaewon Shows Rosalía Plagiarism Accusations Don’t Faze Her

She really is “fearless.”

LE SSERAFIM were recently the target of plagiarism accusations after online users pointed out similarities between their music and that of Spanish singer Rosalía.

Rosalïa | @rosalia.vt/Instagram

“UNFORGIVEN” and “Linda” were said to have similar singing styles, while “ANTI-FRAGILE” and “Chicken Teriyaki” share similar beats with reggaeton roots. Some also pointed out similar imagery from music video scenes and outfit styling.

The issue peaked during a press conference when a reporter brought up the similarities, leading Chaewon to address the situation herself.

Our songs and concepts contain our stories and message so I would be thankful if you could see them as our characteristic creations.

— Chaewon

Netizens slammed Source Music for not responding to the allegations, defending Chaewon’s response from any criticism.

  • “But isn’t this something that the label should address? How are the members at fault?”
  • “There is a lot of hate being directed at her because she’s the leader, but don’t criticize her. It’s not like she can defy her label if they tell her to say that.”
  • “The label is so pitiful. This is something that the label should step up and address, or they should have forbidden the question from being asked. Why does Chaewon have tob e the one to respond?”
  • “Kim Chaewon is seriously always being blamed.”
  • “The label is literally hiding behind Chaewon. What’s the point of having a label?”
  • “Why is Kim Chaewon responding to the allegations? The label should be the one to do it.”
  • “It’s obvious the label isn’t able to respond.”

While these sorts of allegations can be highly stressful on any artist, it seems Chaewon has not been too negatively affected and proved so in an iconic way.

During the group’s performance of “UNFORGIVEN” during their comeback special, Chaewon can be seen playing around with the other members during takes.

In one of these moments, Chaewon can be seen mouthing “Rosalía” to Yunjin and mimicking what the artist does at the beginning of her song “BIZCOCHITO.”

Rosalía’s iconic pose while chewing imaginary gum turned into a meme online during 2022 and has been copied and spoofed in many different videos. The artist herself has even acknowledged the viral meme!


you better chew that gum and spit it in my mouth mommy @La Rosalia #motomami #rosalia #motomamitour #motomamiworldtour #berlin #concert #viral #bizcochito

♬ Originalton – nick



While Chaewon was likely just participating in the trend, fans have taken it as a sign that she is not too bothered by the accusations. Many say that Chaewon wins the IDGAF (I don’t give a f*ck) awards for doing the meme.